Winter is here! Here's how to make the most of it.

It's cold they say. It's wet they say. It's icy they say. All I hear is excuses. If you really think about it, none of these things are that bad at all.  As a result, you get to ride all of your favorite trails in the peace and quiet we all flock to the outdoors for! Just because it's winter doesn't mean that you have to hide away next to the fire and dream of going riding. Be bold, start cold, and go enjoy the quiet season with these helpful hints.

Corridoor, Rotorua

Hot Tips for those colder days

It's too cold...

It's a lot easier cool yourself down in the winter than to warm yourself up. Simply wear an extra jersey, some thicker socks and gloves. Personally I like to take the opportunity to wear that hot protective gear for its warmth - knee pads and my bag. By taking a bag you can also take a little extra food to keep the energy levels up and an extra layer (rain jacket). Just in case you have to stop for longer than expected in a shady place, you'll be surprised at the difference a super light weight rain jacket will make.

It's too wet...

The Redwood Forest in Rotorua is an always evolving environment. What was open territory a few years ago is now forested and vice versa. The trick is to find the trails in the open as they dry out the fastest, then head to the pine forest, leaving the native trails until last. This way you will get hero dirt all the way through winter. The only thing that can be a little slick still is those tree roots. Don't be afraid and let go of those brakes!

It's too icy...

The trails are like our winter roads. Frost is a major problem in exposed but shady places. It is the same in the forest. There are a couple of trails that are notoriously frosty. These are southerly facing slopes like K2, Tokonohi or Gunna Gotta that just don't get any sun in places. Our advice is stay in the trees. Billy T, Tokorangi, or Hotcross Buns for example ride great on those colder days!