Come along to have a laugh and learn some new skills on your bike. This special skills clinic is for you to meet new friends and learn some great simple tricks to improve your confidence to push your boundaries and help you enjoy the forest.

Girls skills clinic

intro to mountain biking                    NZ$105

The ultimate course to get you going if your just starting out or to improve on some things that you might be struggling with. It's all about getting out there and having some fun!

Bike set up - How to set your bike up so it is comfortable for you!

Basic maintenance - How to adjust your brakes, gears, fix a flat tyre and broken chain.

Body positioning - How to position your body when going up, down, and through corners.

Braking - How to brake effectively and in control.

Using your gears - Shifting can be tricky. Learn how to shift through your gears at the right time so you don't get stuck trying to go up a hill in hard gears and shifting when it's too late.

Choosing a line - this helps on the flat, going up, and going down.

Basic cornering - Learn how to look ahead and position your body to make going around corners fun and not scary.

New Zealand Mountain Biking

small drops, jumps & Bumps               NZ$105

Drops and bumpy sections can be really scary if you don't feel like you are in control. This skills clinic is about building confidence and learning a couple of tricks to feel and be more in control when the going gets rough!

Line choice - Picking off what you do and don't want to ride over is all in the set up. 

Roots & Rocks - How to ride chunkier sections on your favorite trails.

Pumping - generating speed and being in control as you go up a jump or into a dip and controlling your bike.

Weight distribution - where you are on your bike can make all of the difference and help you feel and stay in control when climbing, going down hill, and cornering.

Girls Skills Clinic

Turns and berms                                  NZ$105

Cornering can be tricky, get some tips that you can practice to help you corner with confidence! Learn how to pick your lines take corners with ease.

Fast corners (downhill) - how to slow down but keep enough speed to comfortably corner.

Slow corners (uphill) - maintaining speed can be tricky. It's all about having enough space to keep your balance.

Berms - where to be on your bike, where to be braking, where to be looking.

Body position - Weight distribution can make all of the difference to feel confident that your bike will do what you want it to.

Come along for a 3 hour ride to improve your confidence, skills, and have a good laugh with the ladies for just $105pp